About Us

Our mission is to create a passion for reading in children. The benefits of reading regularly have been proved over the years by various studies. Our goal is to have children from all backgrounds to benefit from this fun activity and succeed from it.

Our Story:
I would like to introduce myself and also give you a background on how this organization was born. I am a software engineer by profession and have worked in the field for close to twenty years. For the past few years, I worked for a technology non-profit called TechSoup and felt immensely rewarded with the impact of my work. I realized that I would like to combine my passion for reading and social work full time. With this goal in mind, I left TechSoup and started a non-profit called ‘Read to Thrive’. I strongly believe that reading is a gateway to better life for every child.

Read to Thrive currently has three book clubs at the Newark Library, one at the Fremont Main Library, one at the San Lorenzo Library, one at the San Pablo Library in Bay Area, California and one in Ongole India. Through these programs, we are working with close to 50 children.

Happy reading!