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Our mission is to create a passion for reading in children. The benefits of reading regularly have been proven over the years by various studies. Our goal is to have children from all backgrounds to benefit from this fun activity and grow up to be confident and successful adults.

Happy reading!

Impact & Reach:

Pre pandemic, all of our programs were in person and our volunteers worked with the children in local libraries and public schools. When the pandemic started, we switched gears and started recruiting virtual volunteers through VolunteerMatch, reaching out to children through a local non-profit called FUSS, and our website. Our virtual book clubs have been running successfully since June 2020. I would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who have made our virtual book clubs a huge success.

Number of Virtual Book Clubs : 7
Number of Children: ~25
Age range of Children: 7 to 16
Number of Volunteers: 4
Number of Book Clubs Conducted: ~1200